How many times have you poured your hard earned money in your trading account instead of taking a payout?

The answer to the above questions is:  MOST OF THE TIMES!

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We have seen people burning their pockets by “N” number of technical analysis strategies  OR by installing some buy-sell software OR by some so called tip providers with 99% accuracy. Surprising part of the story is that the amount they have spent on service providers is much more than the losses they have incurred by using their trading products.


You have landed to a wrong website. There are thousands of tip providers and software selling websites whose services have overnight made millions of traders millionaires. Unfortunately you and me haven’t met any.

We do not claim any JAZZ of 99% accuracy and similar nonsense. These strategies can assure you a steady return of 8-10% month on month

Mr Ashutosh Gadgil

Based out of Pune, Maharashtra, and being an active trader and investor in the stock market since 2005, Ashutosh has proudly developed trading techniques and strategies which are aimed to generate stable and consistent returns for the traders. Ashutosh specializes in the implementation of both investor training programs and market-beating advanced trading strategies in equity, commodity and its derivatives.